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How to Increase or Decrease Your Project Size Without Altering Your Pattern

This week I want to share a trick I found years ago. Mostly in regards to softies, though it applies to anything stuffed as well.

I’ve always liked being able to create something I could give as homemade gifts for birthdays, holiday, and the like. When I started crocheting nine years ago I wanted to incorporate crochet into my gifts. The usual hats and scarves were out because no one I knew wore those things anyway, so I started looking for something else I thought people would like to receive.

Having tried my hand at super simple felt toys before (you wouldn’t want to see them – trust me) I learned I liked making these, but not so much my crazy results. Note: I love the look of felt toys. They’re great! But felt and I do not agree with each other. Also I can’t sew them together for beans. Read more…