Christmas Evergreen Tree available on Etsy

You can now get our Christmas Evergreen Tree pattern on Etsy! Pattern bundles are also available on Etsy, while on Ravelry you can get 30% off your entire purchase.

For those of you that have Ravelry and Craftsy accounts we still have all our patterns, free and otherwise, available there too. Read More…

Halloween sale has ended

Our Halloween pattern sale has ended, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated.

Be sure to check back for more information on new patterns, sales, and other news.

And as always, happy hooking!

What a week!

The week long promotion for Roy the Bat is now over, and what an exciting week it’s been! We’ve seen a tremendous amount of support for little Roy. Over 3,300 people got their own copy of the pattern.

We’d like to thank everyone who said such nice things, shared, liked, and of course posted their awesome projects on Ravlery and Facebook.

Although this deal is over we still have pattern bundles available on our Etsy and Craftsy stores, and for Ravelry we have a special 30% off your entire purchase.

Roy the Bat is now for sale on Etsy and of course still on Ravlery and Craftsy. We’re also happy to announce we’ll have a preview of a brand new pattern sometime shortly.

As always, happy hooking!

Donation details!

As promised, (though a little late!) here are the blankets we donated to South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. We’ve also added a blankets section to the my work page where you can see even more photos and details of each of them individually.

Our shelter asked for 20 x 20 blankets, so I worked these patterns until the blankets reached the proper size. I found both patterns relatively easy to memorize so I could work on the go, something I can’t do while writing patterns (bah). Read More…

Donating crocheted blankets for the Snuggle Project

For a little more than a week I’ve been crocheting blankets to donate to my favorite animal shelter, South Valley Utah Animal Shelter.

So far I’ve made:

Plus one bed with edges, and one little cave. Both of these patterns I made up as I went along. I don’t have any pictures of the blankets yet, but I’ll upload them here on crochetbomb and in our Ravelry notebook when I have them. I’m also playing around with a pattern for some crocheted toys, though I haven’t finished any yet.  Read More…

Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn

I’m always on the hunt for new yarn to try for softies. Today I wanted to share a neat yarn I found recently that I like to use. It’s called Impeccable by Loops & Threads. Read More…

Everything you need to crochet amigurumi softies

Here is a list of list of tools I use (and some I don’t) for crocheting amigurumi softies. This includes just about everything I use, and some things I know people use that I personally don’t or haven’t tried yet. Most of these are readily available at craft stores. Read More…