Sophie front

Sophie, a Posable Doll

This is the first actual doll I made. The doll itself is crocheted with acrylic yarn in dark green and a peachy color. The star shape around the eyes and dress are crocheted in small crochet thread, in linen and black.

She has a more realistic human form. She has an actual waist line, shoulders, hands, and ankles. Her head is quite large. A long wig with bangs was made separately, and then later sewn onto the head. The arms, legs, and feet are lightly posable with the use of wires. Some of the hair is pulled back into a braid, and a crocheted hair band is used to keep it in place.

The dress
The body has a slight ribbing texture. Large puff sleeves are used. Delicate edging surrounds the collar of the dress. The waist band is black, and separates the body from the skirt. The skirt is large and full, and has a texture unique to it. The skirt has two black stripes near the end.

The dress was made separately, and then sewn onto Sophie.

Made using the patterns Free Spirit Doll and Edwardian Dress by By Hook, By Hand.