Cobb the Little Folk

Made using the base of my favorite Little Folk pattern, though I altered the pattern to transform it into a fox named Cobb.

Cobb is fully clothed and wears a scarf. He’s crocheted with orange, white, brown, beige and grey acrylic yarn.

Cobb’s hands and feet are detailed with fingers and toes – I made one of his toes is orange, while the rest are white. His brown doll eyes are surrounded by yarn eyelids.

His snout is actually three different pieces sewn together. A decorative stitching is used to sew the snout on. Cobb’s arms and legs are movable, allowing him to sit or stand. His arms have a wide range of movement. This inspired me to make Simon the Fox. The tail and snout I created for Cobb are early versions of Simon’s.

Made using the Little Folk pattern by LucyRavenscar.