Shaw the Little Folk

This is one of my favorite softie patterns. I’ve made at least seven of these – I love how customizable it is! It’s also the first pattern I found that had fingers and toes, so I was super excited to try it out.

Shaw is the very first Little Folk I crocheted, and she’s one of my favorites. Her head, ears, arms and legs are crocheted with a rich, soft striped yarn. Her face, body, hands and feet are crocheted with brown acrylic yarn. A light hairy yarn separates the brown and striped yarn. The antlers are made with a slightly lighter brown acrylic yarn. She is fully stuffed with premium fiberfill.

Shaw has large blue doll eyes and a small nose. Finger details are added to her hands, and toe details are added to her toes as well. She is also posable. Small antlers reside atop her head, giving her a more woodland look that I like a lot.

Made using the Little Folk pattern by LucyRavenscar.