Stewart front

Stewart the Lion

Though Stewart won’t admit it he doesn’t really feel like a lion, most of the time. He’s much too soft hearted for that. As a matter of fact his gentle ways and soft-spoken style bespeak a kind heart that just wants to be understood, and to understand. The way his warm eyes look at you, you just know he cares.

Stewart is crocheted in acrylic yarn in 2 colors: sunshine yellow and chocolate brown. He is generously stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill and firmly sewn together, giving him a sturdy, long-lasting feel.

And though he does not sit or stand on his own, he feels right at home in your arms and sitting, longing for attention, on a shelf.

His nose is stitched on by hand. His arms can move up and down. His legs can move from a sitting to a standing position. He has crocheted fingers and toes and his mane is made out of chocolate brown yarn loops.

Because of his 15 millimeter yellow doll eyes Stewart is not meant for children under 3 years of age, but should be right at home for older kids.

Stewart is 13.5 inches tall while standing, 9 inches tall while sitting and just under 4.5 inches wide. He weighs 6.7 ounces.

As with all my creations he grew up in a smoke free environment and is looking for a home in which to be happy, or where he can bring a little sunshine into your life.

Stewart is not of my original designs but is made from a LucyRavenscar pattern.