Donation details!

As promised, (though a little late!) here are the blankets we donated to South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. We’ve also added a blankets section to the my work page where you can see even more photos and details of each of them individually.

Our shelter asked for 20 x 20 blankets, so I worked these patterns until the blankets reached the proper size. I found both patterns relatively easy to memorize so I could work on the go, something I can’t do while writing patterns (bah).

First up is Lion Brand’s Baby Throw










This pattern is super easy to follow and works up nicely. I’ve made three of these so far, and plan to make more for future donations. Because most rounds are identical, you won’t find yourself looking at the pattern too much after you get the hang of it.

Then we have Crochet with Raymond’s Granny Mandala


While this pattern takes longer to memorize, it is fairly easy to pick up and take with you. Also she makes adorable knitted monsters and posts on her blog about her gorgeous cat if you’re interested.

More photos and info on these (and our other projects as well) are always posted on the my work page, as well as in our Ravelry notebook and Pinterest board.

And don’t forget – today is your last chance to get our Roy the Bat pattern for free on Ravelry and Craftsy.

And that’s it for now! Thanks for reading.